Jennifer DeLorenzo, LICSW

Jennifer DeLorenzo-LICSW

Jennifer DeLorenzo, LICSW is passionate about teaching people techniques and strategies to heal themselves. She invites individuals and families to find the right recipe of skills to reach their optimum level of health and well-being. She uses a variety of theoretical approaches including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems therapy, and Solution-Focused treatment for the benefit of her clients who struggle with: anxiety, depression, relationships, trauma, life transitions and grief.

Jennifer studied at Simmons School of Social Work with a focus on adolescents and families. Her work at South Shore Mental Health Center as part of the Foundations Program and Child Crisis Team solidified her passion for adolescent and family work. The treatment approach she studied at the Foundations Program was called Developmental Rehabilitation. This encompasses identifying all aspects of an individual’s life including, work, school, play, health, family dynamics, exercise, and nutrition. It provides a wonderful collaboration among individuals, families and professionals for whole healing.

In her 20 years as a Master’s level clinician, Jennifer has worked with a variety of populations on in-patient hospital units, partial hospital programs, clinical day schools, and nursing and rehabilitation facilities. She has been a private practitioner since 2001.

Jennifer is influenced by Eastern Philosophy, making use of the benefits of yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong and Emotional Freedom techniques. She is a Level I Qigong instructor and a Certified Level II Practitioner of Emotional Freedom techniques. She has found the combination of talk therapy with tapping on acupressure points to be extremely effective in moving people quickly toward their goal of wellness. Jennifer continues to facilitate workshops for groups who are interested in the benefits of learning Emotional Freedom techniques for health and wellness.