Kimberly Dwyer, C-IAYT

Kim Dwyer

As a single mother of four, Kim began practicing yoga hoping to calm her body, mind, and spirit. She noticed, even with her crazy schedule, not only was she able to calm herself but also found an awakening in her happiness and an ease in her emotions. Even in the midst of her “busyness”, she discovered a sense of joy in her day. Kim’s interest in mindfulness practices coupled with daily meditation and her yin yoga practice has led her to become involved in the more contemplative forms of yoga practice.

Kim has been teaching yoga on the South Shore since 2004. She is a C-IAYT (Certified International Yoga Therapist) and has had a private practice since 2010. Coupled with a Bachelor of Science in psychology from Stonehill College, she is also E-RYT (Expert Registered Yoga Teacher) recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Kim works privately with clients in yoga therapy sessions dealing with issues that include but are not limited to anxiety, grief, and depression. Through deep awareness practices, she helps clients to reinvent themselves and choose a different path when dealing with their struggles. Working with small groups is a favorite of Kim’s, including eating disorder groups at Walden Behavioral Care in Braintree.

Kim’s mission is to assist her clients with mindfulness practices, along with body, mental, emotional and breath awareness. It is her joy and privilege to share these teachings and practices with her students and clients.

Her book Meditations for Moms published in 2014, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Her book is a simple set of meditations and yoga techniques for moms to use throughout their busy days. Techniques work mindfulness into their routine whether at home or on the go, one stolen moment at a time, turning stressful scenes into unlikely retreats and quiet breaks. Moms learn to love the few minutes before everyone else in the house is awake, find peace at the dinner table, and sail through family vacations with ease.

Kim has practiced and studied yin yoga and insight meditation with Sarah Powers, an internationally recognized author and master teacher. Kim trained with Sarah for 2 weeks in Thailand and participated with her in several week long silent retreats. Rodney Smith and Narayan Liebertson, both Buddhist mediation teachers, have also influenced Kim at The Insight Mediation Society in Barre, MA, while attending several silent retreats.

These trainings inspired Kim into leading her own retreats at The Glastonbury Abbey in Hingham. The weekends are spent in silent practice with alternate periods of sitting meditation, yoga , massage, acupuncture, Reiki, and various forms of evening musical inspirations. Kim also offers yoga and meditation to the recovery community and their family members.