Marylisa Nichols, MA, CMHC

ML understands that hurt and resentment, defenses and family dysfunction make life challenging. In her work with adults of all ages and stages of life─from older adolescents and college students to single or new parents and middle-aged adults─ML helps clients identify what triggers their anxiety, depression, or mood swings. From there, she guides them to develop core strengths and skills that lead to shifts in behavior and improved relationships.

ML earned her MA in counseling/psychology at Lesley University, with a concentration in Holistic Studies. She interned at a university counseling center and is currently credentialed as a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, CMHC. ML brings an integrated mind, body and spirit approach to treating clients, rooted in her own mindfulness and yoga practice of 25 years. She believes sharing personal truths and fears is a natural path for healing.

Aligning best with clients who share her belief that good therapy begins with a genuine, accepting relationship, ML combines this humanistic approach with cognitive behavioral therapy (reframing thoughts and building skills), psychodynamic therapy (uncovering insights), gestalt therapy (experiential and role playing) and expressive therapies (art, journaling and bibliotherapy). ML also works with clients struggling with complicated grief, emotional or sexual abuse and PTSD. She has recently furthered her training in trauma with renowned psychiatrist and trauma expert, Dr. Bessel van Der Kolk.

Before her work in individual counseling, ML worked with families, schools and children as a consultant and advocate from 2004 -2014. During this time, she authored the book, The Parent Backpack for Kindergarten through Grade 5, that was published by Random House in 2013 and selected as a “Mom Must Read" by Parents Magazine. She also co-founded and led a nonprofit on parent education for 10 years serving over 10,000 families on the South Shore of Boston ( and delivered parenting workshops in over 40 communities across the country.

Following her work with families and schools, ML worked with the Hallowell Center in Hingham where she gained extensive familiarity with ADD/ADHD, impulsivity and Executive Functioning and as an Intake Coordinator at the Center. In her prior career in communications, ML also served the New York City community on a suicide hotline five years. As a wife and mother of three college age children, she brings much life experience and a broad range of perspective to her practice. ML believes that we are happiest when what we think, say, and do are closely aligned─a harmony that helps bring clarity, connection, and contentment to our lives.