Renee Desrochers, LMHC

Renee Desrochers

Renee Desrochers, LMHC is a Child and Family Therapist, who specializes in working with children and families from infancy through elementary school ages.  She considers the presenting concerns in young children from both a developmental and an attachment lens; this means thinking about a child’s temperament, unique strengths, developmental milestones, adverse experiences and risk factors. These elements interact in relationship with primary caregivers and may lead to unhealthy or challenging behaviors.  Renee works closely with families and children to collaborate on goals for treatment and often this includes both child and family therapy as well as parent consultations.

Renee is trained in child-centered play therapy, sand tray therapy, and SMART (Sensory Motor Arousal Regulation Treatment) as well as is nationally rostered as a Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) provider.  CPP is the only evidenced based model for treating children under age six who have experienced trauma.  Renee meets with families to explore concerns and determine which modality best serves the goals of the child and family.  Renee started working at the Early Childhood Counseling Center at the Home for Little Wanderers since 2010 after receiving a graduate degree at Lesley University with dual licensure in School Adjustment and Mental Health Counseling. She is excited to bring her perspective and experiences to her work with families on the South Shore.