Trish Hart

Trish Hart

Working in the healthcare world has been Trish’s second nature and deep passion.  Her early work surrounded the financial side of clinical programs at Deloitte and Touché, Beth Israel Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital.  She holds both a BS and MBA in Healthcare Administration from Boston University. 

Trish began practicing yoga almost a dozen years ago, but it wasn’t until she became an injured marathon runner, that she witnessed firsthand the restorative nature of yoga both physically and psychologically. She developed amazing physical strength and flexibility, mental focus and, to her surprise, a renewed and joyous creative spirit. 

Inspired to share Yoga’s transformational gifts, Trish completed a multitude of yoga certification trainings in addition to her 200 CRYT including, two Yin Yoga certifications, and SPA Training. She is certified by the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundations, a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists, and will graduate with her 500 CRYT in therapeutic yoga in September.

Yoga and mediation’s scientific based effects on the brain, central nervous and immune system interests Trish. She participates annually at the MGH/Harvard Medical School conference, and most recently completed her SMART (Stress Reduction and Resiliency Training) at the Benson Henry Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Her specialty areas include offering Yin yoga and meditation for deep healing, stress reduction and teaching mind/body stress reduction strategies.  She is deeply passionate about working with the autoimmune population, pain management and those with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. She practices at the Center for Counseling and Wellness in Hingham and the Lyme and PANs Center in Cohasset.  She works privately with individuals, and conducts semi-private groups to a variety of audiences ranging from adolescents to adults. To share the transformative gifts of nature with her students, she founded and runs the Cohasset Beach Program during the summers.

Trish passionately believes in a full body approach to health and wellness. Yoga as therapy is the process of empowering an individual through yoga with a deep awareness and integrated understanding of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. The "top down" nature of psychotherapy and the "bottom up" nature of yoga as therapy forms a powerful combination for healing. Through yoga and psychotherapy we can honor the integrated nature of the physical body, emotional body and mind body to empower individuals with a deeper awareness and understanding of the mind, physical and emotional body.