Chalk Portraits

father and child with sidewalk chalk

Now that Ed was working from home, Denise asked him to help out with the kids for an hour a day. This would give her a break from her new-found job of homeschooling. She mentioned to Ed that their 6-year old wanted to use chalk that she recently purchased. Ed decided they would go out into the street and draw. They created chalk portraits on their asphalt canvas that covered 40 feet, including personal quotes and sayings. 

At bedtime, 6-year-old Danielle shared with her mother, “That’s the most fun I had with dad ever.” Denise was pleased Ed’s spending an hour with the kids was so meaningful for Danielle. When Denise relayed this story to Ed, he felt sad that this was Danielle’s most fun moment with him. It made him aware of how work sometimes got in the way of being the father he truly wanted to be.

Richard Rein, Ph.D.