What Our Clients Are Saying

I was referred to Dr. Barbara Green many years ago, and to this very day, I am still connected with her and so proud of it! When I was referred, my anxiety, depression and lack of joy threshold was a “10” (with “10” being the worst on “my” scale)! My thinking was distorted and my life seemed bleak due to childhood and adolescent trauma and PTSD. My brain in my words “felt scarred”. I wondered, “will I ever be good enough” and “will I ever feel comfortable in my own skin”? I did not like what I saw in the mirror, nor did I feel deserving of anything better. With all that being said, (and much more), Barbara got her therapeutic “tool box” out (one of many), and took on the challenge of teaching me to believe in myself and create my own destiny and never, ever, give up! Her “tool box” approach is amazing and used on a daily basis and her expertise of mind, body and soul connection is a “must” for all who suffer as I did. Barbara taught me a grateful perspective is important to help sustain my positive attitude, to energize, to heal, and to bring hope. I cannot say enough about this remarkable, intelligent, resilient woman who literally “saved my life” in so many ways. Thank you Barbara for showing me the way, and being on this journey with me. You are an amazing human being and therapist.

The Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness in Hingham has been a God-send to me and my family. I started working with (or “seeing”) Dr Green three years ago and was immediately struck by her expertise in the field and her compassion for my particular case. Dr Green suggested that my family take advantage of the many resources that the Center offers. These resources included neuro-psych testing, genetic testing, and nutritional guidance. In the past three years, my family has made great strides towards acceptance, and a real sense of serenity. I highly recommend the Center for anyone who is struggling in these uncertain times.

Barbara has served as a resource of mine for 30+ years. While in my 30s she worked with me and members of my family as we navigated as a family business.

Years later she supported me in my quest to develop a richer and more meaningful personal life.

She is bright and spirited. She is candid and kind. She is a terrific listener and has helped me immensely.
I feel blessed to have her attention as I forge forward in this world!

Barbara Green has quickly become a very special person in my life. I started to see her during a very difficult time. She not only helped me through that, but we are working together on other very important aspects of my daily life and my life going forward. She made appropriate referrals which have also helped me a great deal. There are many incredibly helpful entities at the Center for Integrative Counseling and Wellness, that can help as well. I truly feel a renewed enthusiasm for life – and will always be so grateful. I continue to learn how to best care for myself.

Nature & Nurture is one of the best experiences to oneself…the views of nature, mountains climbed, friendships made and moments of reflection continue to inspire me to live each day gracefully with purpose and joy.

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