Couples Counseling

Conflicts in relationships are rarely about the issues, but stem from how couples or partners talk about the issues.

Couples counseling is based upon methods to actively encourage couples to communicate in a non-threatening way. During couples therapy, partners communicate face-to-face, openly, and honestly about their issues.

Throughout the conversation, the clinician works with couples to identify and prevent flashpoints that create conflict escalation. Extra emphasis is placed on the detection of intricate subtleties that create communication setbacks.

The clinician provides feedback and direction toward the most effective way of communicating in any situation. The clinician’s observations encourage respectful and mutually compassionate interactions and help dispel miscommunications that cause pre-marital or marital tensions.

Couples Counseling Clinicians


Dr. Richard Rein, Ph.D.

Couples Counseling, Marriage Counseling, Relationship Counseling

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