Andrea Mott, LMHC

Andrea offers counseling services for individuals and groups across the life span with an emphasis on mindfulness-based strategies. For more than 20 years she has helped people work through difficult life events, trauma, and grief. Beginning her work by establishing a safe and nurturing environment, she helps clients explore and understand how emotions and thoughts impact life. Together her clients and she identify strengths and reflect on patterns that may no longer serve a healthy purpose.    

Background & Qualifications

Andrea assists people of all ages to utilize different clinical strategies as developmentally appropriate. For younger clients, she offers non-directive play therapy. Additionally, Andrea enjoys working with middle and high schoolers including students with individual education plans. She enjoys working with children have been exposed to traumatic experiences, creating a safe place to express and process their feelings, while they develop new skills to communicate their needs, and establish healthy boundaries.  

Additionally, Andrea has experience offering support to adults as they navigate new stages of life, addressing feelings of anxiety, depression, and grief. She offers a non-judgmental perspective and guidance to both accept some things as they are, while identifying areas that could improve functioning with family, friends, and work.    

By utilizing mindfulness based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Non-Directive Play therapy (for children), and DBT skills, her clients improve communication and relationship skills. She encourages clients to be aware of their emotions and their thoughts and learn how they impact anxiety and/or depression. With this awareness changes in one’s relationship with these thoughts and emotions evolve, reflecting on the inner work of empowering strengths, healing wounds, and exploring one’s authentic self.  

Andrea has considerable experience in both community mental health, and school systems, as well as work with adolescents in an inpatient setting. She completed her master’s degree in Psychology at Bridgewater State University where she also earned a BA in Psychology, including a year abroad studying at the University College of Cork. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor.